Where Do Bathroom Slugs Come From?

bathroom slug

No one wants pests in their bathroom and while slugs can be less obnoxious than clouds of bathroom gnats and less jarring than seeing a snake trying to come through the toilet or drain, they’re still not something you want to see infesting your house in general and your bathroom in particular. Generally speaking, this …

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How to Get Hair Dye Out of a Bathtub

Clean Tiled Bathroom

Stains in the bathroom are nothing new. In most places the water is going to be hard enough to leave a ring or residue over enough time and that’s even before adding in things like dirt, muck, and whatever else needs to be washed off from a shower. Whether cleaning up a bathtub or sink, …

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Budget Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Fancy hotel bathroom

We all prefer a clean bathroom over one that is disorganized, dusty, or straight out gross. For obvious reasons, the bathroom is one of the harder rooms to keep clean, and if you own an old house or an old bathroom additional challenges will present themselves over time. The good news is that you don’t …

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