Build a Better Bathroom

Look, there comes a point where minimal functionality just doesn’t work anymore. Whether you’re in your early 20’s and just coming out of college, jumping from apartment to apartment and depressed at the overall state of self-care, or someone who didn’t have a mentor to help guide you to a better quality bathroom – we’re here to help you meet your needs!

Small changes in products, in attitudes, in knowledge can make a huge difference when it comes to having a bathroom that is supportive and relaxing. If you’re older, you know how much a quality of life difference a good throne room can have.

If you’re young, well here’s the news flash: small improvements to your bathroom lead to a HUGE quality of life change.

So whether you want a little more knowledge on how to fix the most common toilet issues without calling a plumber, toe nail clippers that can handle the toughest of big toe nails (something I’m intimately familiar with), or anything in between, we’re here to help you hit that next level.

College is either just getting over, long over, or rapidly on the way to being over.

Time doesn’t stop, and it’s time to adjust. Welcome to Not Your College Bathroom.

We’re here to talk about absolutely everything you need to know about having a better bathroom. Because that is a room that should be home of comfortable hot showers, the tools that make you look your best, and be the one place in your home where you can be relaxed and you.

Not stressed.

A good bathroom setup encourages you to look your best, feel your best, and create a positive circle that boosts you up whether relaxing after coming home or getting all set up for a night out on the town.

There is so much potential in a bathroom that is often overlooked, as well. Opportunities to read more, to study more, to listen to podcasts, or just make more of the captive time you’ll be spending there.

There aren’t many rooms that have the expectation of full or near full privacy but the bathroom is one of them, and it’s a room you will be spending a lot of time in over the course of your life.

Mine as well make it look its best…and create a place that both relaxes and uplifts you!

Even if the college days or post-high school days are well behind you, maybe you’re like me and didn’t grow up in a background that had much thought put into the bathroom, especially if you grew up with outhouses or in a poor area where you were happy if things worked or worked “close enough.”

I know from my own experience a lot of small changes made huge differences, and hopefully a little bit of information, of guidance, and the options offered here can help you do the same. Whether it’s just a little less stress in the day or having a bathroom you can be proud of without an expensive $20k+ remodel, I hope the lessons I’ve learned over the year can help you here.

Especially if you’re a relative beginner in this space.

This is a blog meant to cover every aspect of having the type of bathroom that will serve you well and give off the best impression every time you walk in, or to visitors who happen to be stopping by.