Best Face Washcloths for Your Bathroom

towels washcloths in dryer

Facial washcloths can seem like such a minor thing, even in your bathroom, but they really are an important part of getting your bathroom up to tip top shape. Having a washcloth just for the face is sanitary, practical, and yet another opportunity to organize things in a way that makes sense and provides a …

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Best Toilet Seats for Big People

Big John Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

One thing you definitely don’t want to hear when sitting down in your own bathroom is a loud crack or snap. Then you start shifting…hopefully not too far, but the day is already gone sideways in a bad way. Whether you call yourself obese, big-boned, big, or you don’t care for pleasantries and just call …

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Are Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels Really Better?

Egyptian cotton towels

Sometimes when someone talks about a certain product, brand, or material as being clearly superior it’s worth listening to while sometimes it’s just pure hype. Or it was true X decades ago before modern materials, production, and technology have shot past it. Egyptian cotton was one of those materials I always heard about because it …

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